Words of Wisdom

February 27, 2009 at 7:59 am (Uncategorized)

Where are the biggest and most beautiful diamonds found? Under COAL. Protected from people and the world. Just like that our hijab protects us. It protects us from certain people in our society. It protects our beauty and our dignity. It veils us from the evil eyes of our society. Women and girls should consider them lucky to be protected by the hijab.


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  1. nourelhoudacsr2b said,

    I completely agree! I always think, why don’t women wear all of their gold and diamond jewelry every day, every single piece of it? Hmm, because it’s expensive? Someone could steal it? It’ll get dirty? So, why do women show their BODIES of all things? I’m a convert and I totally get this concept of hijab, I can’t believe the masses of women have been brainwashed by advertising and the materialistic consumerism of society to bare their bodies in order to become “liberated.” They’re actually just enslaving themselves to all of these marketing ploys and society’s expectations of beauty, a certain weight, a certain hair style, eye color, even minute details like plucking your eyebrows and painting your fingernails!!! ARGH! I could go on all day! But very nice analogy, I never thought about the coal part.

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