Don’t Be Mislead

March 22, 2009 at 5:12 pm (Uncategorized)

     So I was on this blog and came across a very ridiculous post. take a look yourself……..This does not refer to my blog. It refers to another popular blog.

. Sister, black is the only proper colour for a Muslim woman. Please take this in mind. Your bright colored fashion sets will only get attention from men, shaitan will be near! Please sister give a better example to your fellow Muslimahs by making black only fashion sets!

Sometimes this sister includes make-up in her fashion sets! Astaghfirullah. I only wear make-up when I’m home for my Aboody. I usually do a smokey Arab eye, he loves it. But outside sister?! Surely you know better!

The latest pink set is surely sinful! The color pink and other feminine colors invokes lust in a man’s loins! Please sister, take down all your sets and start fresh in black!

I can state so many things wrong with this post……

First of all, black is not the only colour for a muslimah. This woman is clearly not educated or familiar with the rules of dressing modestly in Islam. Colours are no boundaries for a muslimah as long as her clothing is modest. No where in the holy Quran does it say that a woman can only wear black. note: I guess it may not totally be her fault beacuse she may be a convert who hasn’t been given the correct information and has been a little bit mislead.



  1. nourelhoudacsr2b said,

    My husband’s from Morocco and there, the women wear all sorts of colors masha’Allah and they look fabulous while still being completely modest! I like black, but not ALL black. Take people’s comments with a grain of salt, so many people misled me when I first converted that I decided to not listen to anybody from the get-go until I go research thoroughly what they told me. You’d be shocked to know what crazy advice some people have given me!

  2. hijabgirl18 said,

    You are absolutley right! I guess everyone has different opinions when it comes to dressing modestly. (That post does not refer to my blog)

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