Celebrities In Hijabs

Here a few celebraties in hijabs or headscarves………

Below is Nancy Ajram(a famous lebanese popstar). I think that she looks so much prettier in a hijab. She looks innocent and younger!

Below is Jennnifer Lopez in headscarves……..

would you wear this headscarf????

Below is a picture of Hanan Turk (egyptian actress)without a hijab, but the rest are pictures of her in cute and adorable hijabs.



I think all these women look great in hijabs and headscarves. They look more modest and graceful. 🙂



  1. nourelhoudacsr2b said,

    Wow, I loved JLo’s silver hijab masha’Allah! I’d totally wear that!

  2. Amani said,

    Why dont u guys get some new style f hijabs i need some and for kids cause im a kid

    • hijabgirl18 said,

      try looking through this site http://thecanadianmuslim.ca i haven’t bought anything frm this site but i got a chance to look at their hijabs and i think their very simple and cute

  3. moldemuslimen said,

    we love hijabs!!!!!!!!

  4. sWEEty said,

    I like all these womens wears HIJAB ANd I like wearing hijab always n i love my islam.

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