Hijab Fashion

I love wearing different hijab stlyes, so i think it’s a good thing to experiment. A lot of styles I have seen are the styles my freinds wear. I have a friend from Syria that wears her hijab in a egyptian style that looks really good on her. Here is how it looks like………

Personally, this kind of hijab dosen’t really look good on myself. It just makes me face look rounder. It may look good on girls with long or triangular faces, but who knows it might look good on you! Plus, it looks simple and modest.


once again… i like how she got creative with it but that is not a hijab, it’s just another headscarf………. She kind of looks weird…… it also makes her head look big! (no offence to anyone who wears their hijab like this)

I really like the use of black. I think it is chiffon… not sure.


I really like this one because it’s sooooo colourful and that it covers what a hijab needs to cover. So far this one is my favourite. It also looks graceful, modest and fashionable!!! 

The one pictured above is also one of my favourites. It is a Turkish style hijab which i think looks very graceful. I really love the colour and use of silk. I think it looks amazing and i will try to find this style of hijab.

We all know that a lot of designer hijabs have started to come out….. such as Calvin Klein, Christian Diore, Hermes, Gucci and Dolace & Gabbana! 

A lot of these brands are high priced but Calvin Klein hijabs are affordable for the average hijabi. But wow, not that i don’t appreciate these designers making hijabs it’s just that not everyone has extra money to buy designer ware hijabs!



  1. Dono said,

    I am looking for pretty hijabs innn usa like turkish style but i don’t know where can i find

    • hijabgirl18 said,

      i dont live in the US……so i don’t know….but you can always look for turkish hijabs online…..a lot of sites that sell hijabs also have turkish style hijabs……….try looking online…

      • fitri said,

        Hello, I’m Fitri from Indonesia, i sell so many hijab here if you interest what kind of hijab that i have you can inform me via email. and my email is jilbab.syarifah@gmail.com

  2. hijabi said,

    What kind of hijab would suit a person with an oval to round shaped face? I have a shortish forehead, slightly chubby cheeks due to weight gain this year and an overall ovally round face

    • hijabgirl18 said,

      I think you can try wearing those square hijabs.. if you pull it back a little bit they make your forehead appear longer.i also have a round face and square hijabs look good rather than the two piece ones…

  3. nabeeLah said,

    slmz , ime Looking for the arabian styLe hijab is it anywhere on this site , you know the one thats starts at the chin

  4. nabeeLah said,

    i aLso want to know the various styLish ways on how to tie these hijab because they so pretty but i just don’t geyt them to Look as pretty as the picture …

  5. hayat s said,

    yes i want thank yoo very much;

  6. moona said,

    im looking for a style that doesnt hurt my head and ears but when i wear it i feel its going to come off or someone is going to pull it off this style is good but how do we put it on please reply

  7. Maria Maria said,

    wow i love them all

  8. XoraEmmie said,

    Ohh ! I love these styles….Yeah my fav one is even the colorful one that you admire !

  9. Cindy said,

    Dear, i also manufacture hijab from Indonesia. If you don’t mind, please spend time looking our hijab collection at http://hijabstore.net. Thanks for you kindness

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