I am a Muslim!

I grew up in Toronto, Canada and saw many cultures and religions different from mine. I had a lot of friends from the same background as me and I was happy growing up with them. Later we became teens and viewed life a different way . They stopped wearing hijab because they thought that it maked them looked caged. At first I was very mad at them but I then realised that it’s their own choice, and that I should work on myself by working to be a better person rather than pointing at others and judging their choices. I feel very proud and happy that I never stoped wearing the hijab. And I am very happy with the results and benefits so far. I never had to worry about guys staring at me in the wrong way.  People appreciate me for who I am and what I am capable of rather on my looks or the way I dress. Sure you will meet people who question your hijab or your beleifs just based on what they know. Wearing the hijab has soo many benefits.  Islam asks us to wear the hijab for a reason and for our own good! It gives us reasons and benefits for modest dressing in public. If we choose to wear it we will experience it’s benefits. Islam is not an extremist religion. It is a very beautiful religion and is a way of  life.

 I have only one request to those people who think of islam as a extremist religion, PLEASE DO NOT JUST BELIEVE THE STUFF YOU SEE ON THE NEWS ABOUT ISLAM. ISLAM IS A VERY BEAUTIFUL RELIGION AND PLEASE REQUIRE MORE KNOWLEDGE ABOUT THIS RELIGION BEFORE YOU MAKE ANY ASSUMPTIONS. Many people in this world today have not understood who we  muslims really are. This is very sad.. but we can do our part. I have seen girls (when asked about their hijab )say the same thing over and over, “it is a religious head covering.” Please explain it more than that, here is what you can tell them.

It symbolizes us muslims and our views. It tells other people that we are modest and would not prefer men looking at us in wrong way. It symbolises that we are to be respected and not treated like dirt. We prefer  men with their gaze lowered when they talk to us rather than having them look at our breasts. It symbolises that we are pure and free of all modern day diseases. std’s,aids.etc”

Please remember that we muslims play a big part in our society and the world we live in. Hopefully people will understand Islam, and become aware that it’s a beatiful religion!



  1. waseem Butt said,

    We are very happy about your concepts . They are very clear and true.

  2. Rebecca said,

    I really love what you have to say about the hijab. I am American and 18 and considering accepting Islam (I’m currently Christian) and I am going back and forth about whether I want to wear the hijab. I love the modesty it represents. Men have been giving me dirty looks and looking me up and down since I was 11 or 12, but in America we’re told to deal with it, ignore them or roll our eyes and move on. I’m starting to realize that I can’t change the way they act, but maybe I can take their power away by wearing the hijab. Thank you for the information!

    • hijabgirl18 said,

      No problem Rebbeca. At first it may seem hard to accept hijab and thats ok because it’s a big change, I totally understand. My advice, just take small steps towards dressing modestly. I feel really comfortable in my hijab because I dont have to worry about anyone giving me dirty looks or checking me out all the time. Good luck and wish you the best for your future. ^_^

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