My Hijab

I would normally be seen in a Calvin Klein hijab. I have a lot of friends have stopped wearing their hijab and don’t really care how anyone looks at them. I personally think that i wear a hijab because I know that i have to answer to God on the Day of Jugdement. I geuss it is a personal choice and  I respect everyone’s choices. I think that wearing a hijab is for your own good and has it’s own benefits. First, no one looks at me in a dirty way. Second, it tells other people that i have a faith and that i respect it. Third, it helps people know and recognize me as a muslim.



  1. Logan said,

    Some interesting hist. on hijab, good for dawah as well:

  2. neha said,

    i m a muslim girl,i also wears hijab and i totaly agree with you friend…..!

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